Softools is an agile, zero-code cloud software platform, using a custom suite of apps to drive key operational processes.

The suite of apps is developed quickly, improving effectiveness and efficiency of processes with executive visibility and control. This greater transparency of key performance criteria supports higher team performance.

Harrison Assessment

Optimising performance using Enjoyment Performance Methodology to develop performance, work satisfaction, motivation and retention.

In co-operation with Talent Solutions and Peter Ryrvik.

Effectively identify obstacles to success, enabling employees to embrace the behaviours that lead to success. Building an understanding of self and others, developing a culture of a high performing team.


Over 30 years of experience in operations and specialist corporate roles, across Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

With a proven track record for delivering market outperformance and developing teams of highly skilled, diverse, competitive people. An approach to consulting that develops the strength of your team.

Partners In Excellence


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