A passion for building high-performing teams

Michael Heyward
Managing Director

Inspired by the fast-paced environment of hotels and the need to rapidly resolve complex situations, as well as the various technological improvements of today, Michael Heyward works to develop high performing teams that can reach their full potential through the application of smart business tools.  With over 30 years of experience in operations, franchising and revenue management, and an impressive career path in independent and chain hotels across Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Michael is also a lecturer at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, where he works with students from all over the world within an organisation committed to excellence in the hospitality industry. 

Yona Heyward is our Educational Consultant. She has worked in education for 30 years both in Australia and United Kingdom. She has a great passion for assisting others in both professional and personal development. Trained in observational, evaluating and reflective skills, she has an eye for identifying difficulties in the way teams work together which assist in finding effective solutions to unlock the potential of the team.

Yona Heyward
Educational Consultant

Effective in solutions to unlock your team's potential

Management Development Program - Course Director. Annual program preparing high potential Operations Managers for first time General Manager roles Covering: Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Finance, Revenue Management, Human Resources, etc.

Consultant Lecturers for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Masters Programs in: Leadership, Operational Management, Entrepreneurship, Food and Beverage, etc.

Actively supporting the development of Hospitality Indiustry professionals.

Partners In Excellence


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