Setting Your Sights on a Productive 2020

With the end of Q1 approaching, we have always found this is a good time to reflect on a busy (or not so) start to another year. As we look toward the rest of 2020 and new challenges we will face, we’d like to shine the spotlight on you with some inspiration for a productive year ahead. Whether this year is going to be you striving for that big promotion, a change of scenery or the start of something completely new and personal to you, here are a few words to live by on your journey:

Practice Good Habits

We won’t bore you with the old cliché that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, instead here’s a reminder that whatever the challenges you are facing this year, you are the one who can have a direct impact on their outcomes. Whether you are determined to stick to your New Year’s exercise resolutions, stop binge-watching TV or even quitting smoking, these are all things that can often seem daunting, but by changing your behaviour to practice them with a little effort every day, nothing will hold you back. The same can be said for your habits at work!

Our work within Harrison Assessments has shown evidence of a direct correlation between a person’s behaviours and their potential to grow, both inside & outside of work. The effect that these behaviours can have on your relationships is not something to be ignored, so place yourself in a position to always be of value to those around you, and the long-term rewards will speak for themselves!

Face Up to a Challenge

If there’s always been something you were afraid to do, or say, for fear of conflict, there’s no better time like the present to put your thoughts at ease and speak your mind (in a constructive manner) so that you can move on feeling motivated to tackle something new. Facing up to adversity is 90% mental and 10% execution – once you come to terms with why you are feeling a certain way, it can become much easier to break down your issues and address them in a non-defensive manner to your peer. 

This is something that we have learnt thanks to our work with Radical Collaboration. Building a collaborative mindset is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your skillset – it will open doors to new opportunities & relationships that you may never thought were possible, just by harnessing the power of Self Awareness and Accountability. Only you are in control of the way you are perceived by others, so play the odds in your favour with an open attitude!

Try Something New!

2020 could well be your year to see yourself taking on a new challenge, and proving to yourself that you are far more capable of new challenges than you think! Once again, you are in control of the decisions you make and the road that those decisions lead you down, so let yourself try something new this year and reap the benefits of new experiences! We guarantee they won’t be as scary as you think.. (unless you’re planning on jumping out of a plane… we can’t vouch for that one!)

2020 is going to be a hugely exciting year for HHS, with new team members, new clients and an ever growing list of exciting challenges to shape the future of team performance in the hospitality industry. But we’ll never forget that the biggest changes start with the smallest steps from within each individual. 

If you or your team are looking for inspiration for a productive year, get in touch with us to learn more about our unique training programs that will transform your potential: 📧:  📞: +44 (0)7921 880242

Written by Jonathan Orrells

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